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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by FehnrirX, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. FehnrirX

    FehnrirX New Member

    Hello everyone. Glad to see someone who decide to make a community for undubing :D
    for a starter, i want to ask some question

    1. Is there any limitation for posting the modified ROM? or just leave it as patch?
    2. I have some undubing project, yet got a problem like misplaced voices, wrong BGM, ETC. Can i post it here and asking for help??

    well, i guess that's it for now.. and i hope this community will have a great future :D
  2. guysensei

    guysensei Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the board. It's best to avoid posting the actual ROMs because we don't want to deal with takedown requests. Patches are fine of course. You can also specify exactly which version of the ROM you're using so people can find it easily.

    You can definitely post your project here, and we will help with everything we can. :)