InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask Undub Project? (PS2)

Discussion in 'Undubbing Discussion' started by Shiggitay, Oct 26, 2019.

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    Hello and I know this site is rather dead but thank you for setting up something like this for fans of undubs! I'm an up and coming (trying to reach affiliate) Twitch streamer and also an anime fan. One of my first animes was InuYasha, and I'd love to play the InuYasha JRPG (The Secret of the Cursed Mask) but it's only available in either Japanese only or English only. I'd prefer it to be with Japanese audio, with English text, since I can't read nor understand Japanese well enough to get through a text heavy game like a JRPG. So, would anyone be willing to take on or help me take on an undub project for this game? I know almost no one knows about it but even if it's just for me to play on a random Twitch stream it'd be awesome to have it in Japanese audio vs the really cringy bad English audio. I'm aware that if there are cutscenes that aren't subtitled that such would need to be coded in/subbed in.

    I'd be willing help test with PCSX2 (open source PS2 emulator) and my actual PS2 that's softmodded with Free MCBoot and Open PS2 Loader.

    Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from SOMEONE soon.