What Would it Take to Undub a PSP game? (Megaman: Powered-Up)

Discussion in 'Undubbing Discussion' started by Rocktable, Aug 29, 2021.

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    Maybe this is a loaded question? Perhaps it depends heavily on the game in question?
    Heya, I'm here disturbing this ghost messaging board on the off-chance someone can answer this question regardless. I'm interested in undubbing Megaman: Powered-Up, because as far as I can tell, it's never been done before. I don't really have credentials to even DO something like this, but if it's relatively easy and involves dumping the files, replacing the audio files, and putting it all back together or something, I figure that probably can't be too hard, right?

    Ah but also, if the game has never been undubbed before, that might be for a reason too. Knowing my luck it'd be easier to fantranslate Rockman Rockman than it would be to undub Powered-Up. Anyway on the off-chance anyone just so happens to see this post and thinks they can answer my question, I'd really appreciate it.
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    Figured I'd make a follow up post to hopefully prove I actually did some research on this, right?

    So, first of all, figured out how to look within PSP's .iso files. There's a nifty program called "UMDGen" that makes it a very easy process. That allowed me to get a feel for exactly what I was dealing with and see what I could do with just that. Megaman: Powered-Up has a big archive-type file named "rockman_pack.dat". It took me a while to figure out exactly how to deal with that, as apparently .dat files are very much not a one-and-done deal, the method of unpacking those will vary greatly from company to company, game to game. Found a simple to use script running tool named "quickbms" and an old script for unpacking MMPU from 2011, which unfortunately only unpacked the .dat file partway through.

    My understanding at this point is that I need to pull the .wav audio files from a japanese .iso of MMPU, and replace the .wav files of an english copy's .dat file with them. Unfortunately though, I don't have any sort of reliable script to unpack and repack MMPU's .dat file. If I did, this would be a fairly simple process and honestly I'm surprised this has never been done before. I'm aware this board is basically dead, but on the off-chance anyone thinks they can help, right? It's interesting though, I did find a video of someone on YouTube playing an english copy of the game with japanese voices, I assume that individual just did it all themselves somehow, as I'm fairly confident there is no easy to find undub patch for the game.