Help with Bomberman Jetters Undub

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    Hi, I'm working on an undub for Bomberman Jetters for GameCube, a great game that the English dub really tarnishes.

    I'm wondering if anyone more experienced could give me tips on how to figure it out.

    So far I have managed to take all of the .h4m and .dsp files from the Japanese version of the game and put them in the English version replacing their counterparts.

    This worked for almost everything, except that that the character's voices in game when they say things like "Bomb up" or "Fire up" when picking up corresponding items. It also didn't change the voice on the title screen.

    I am suspicious of the jetters.samp file in the root of both games so I tried copying that over, but that just crashed the game.

    I'm going to keep trying to figure this out, but feel free to help out if anyone has any ideas!

    I'll attach photos of the file systems to compare. Let me know if pictures of the files inside the folders would be helpful as well.
    [Edit, I don't think I can do that actually since I'm new on this site, sry]

    Thanks in advance if anyone takes a look at this with me!