MagnaCarta 2 UNDUB 1.01 - request for files

Discussion in 'Undubbing Discussion' started by CrashMaster, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. CrashMaster

    CrashMaster New Member

    Like the title says, does anyone have this undub that already exists archived?
    It seems to be fully lost online as no forums or sites have it.
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  2. Georgeaboft

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    In the realm of video game localization, undubbing - replacing a game's voice tracks with the original language while keeping the translated text - is popular among purists. But does this practice respect the original cultural nuances, or does it inadvertently promote a form of cultural imperialism by implying that the original version is inherently superior? Let's discuss the fine line between cultural preservation and the imposition of cultural hierarchies.