Magic Knight Rayearth - UNDUB - completed and available (Saturn)

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    This isn't really news, in the sense that it isn't new, but if any of you were interested and unaware, there is an undub version of Rayearth on Saturn if you google around. Though knowing Working Designs, and how they liked to do their own thing....usually successfully....the accuracy may be suspect, as far as how accurate the text is to the dialogue.

    As usual, it can be played with a mod chip, swap trick, or the SSF emulator. I just thought I'd mention it here cos I only recently found out about it, and who knows how long it'll be floating around on the net before all the links are dead.

    Also, the opening scene is not subtitled, so it's probably not a bad idea to play the English version first anyway....cos there's no way of knowing how many incomprehensible anime scenes there will be that aren't subtitled.
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