Space Invaders: Get Even (WiiWare)

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    Title: Space Invaders: Get Even (スペースインベーダーゲットイーヴン ~逆襲のスペースインベーダー~)
    Platform: Wii
    Region: USA
    Undub: audio swap

    Today we are proud to present the first ever WiiWare undub. For this announcement we have chosen Taito's excellent take on an old classic, Space Invaders: Get Even. Not surprisingly, Square Enix quickly turned this $5 download into a $20 one by releasing three separate pay-for-play stage packs, all of which come with separate voice files. Let's go through this undub step by step.

    To undub the game, you need the wads of both the U.S. and the Japanese version of the game. You will also need the following tools: 1) bfgr wadtools, which include wadpacker and wadunpacker; 2) U8 Tools by gally, and 3) common-key.bin

    Once you have all the tools, follow these steps to undub the main game.

    1) Copy common-key.bin to your bfgr wadtools directory
    2) Extract the wads with wadunpacker. For each wad, you will get eight .app archives (0 through 7), as well as .cert, .tik, .tmd, and .trailer files (rename these files to title.cert, title.tik, title.tmd, and title.trailer)
    3) The sound assets are stored in Use U8 Extractor to extract this file.
    4) Once extracted, you will find 99 sound files in 00000002_app_out\sound\. Replace the U.S. files with the Japanese ones.
    5) Use U8 Coes to create a replacement .app archive with undubbed audio
    6) Run wadpacker. If you have followed the instructions, you will get a new wad named out.wad. Install it on your Wii and enjoy your undubbed game.




    Now let's do the same for the DLC. Again, you will need the DLC wads for both the U.S. and the Japanese version. Note that there are two Japanese DLC wads floating around. The smaller one (29.8 MB) only includes partial unlockables. The 45.5 MB wad is the complete file that you want to use.

    Follow the same steps as you did for the main game. The only difference is that instead of swapping audio in, you will be doing this for,, and as each of them contains audio files for different stages.

    Final note: you must have a save file created from the main game before attempting to install the DLC.
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Discussion in 'Undubbing News' started by guysensei, Aug 31, 2009.