Undubbing the music in Burning Rangers (Saturn)

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    Hello all,

    I'm only recently getting into rom hacking but trying to learn as much as I can on my own. My particular current interest (at the moment) is in the Saturn, and I'm looking for help from knowledgable people about how to edit and repack an ACX/ADX file. I know how to play and extract the files, but not how to get them back into the container format.

    My goal is to take the Japanese music & OP.CAK (opening movie) from Burning Rangers and add it to the English disc image, to create a sort of "music undub" version. The desire to do this stems from playing Phantasy Star Online/Universe's Burning Rangers missions and becoming attached to the Japanese theme song that plays (plus the English version of the song is really cheesy)

    I have already done this successfully and have run it on real hardware. Unfortunately, the "Sonic Teeeeam" *ringalingaling* jingle has been displaced by some sad sounding ballad music, due to the fact that the E/US version has 47 tracks, rather than the Japanese version's 46. Track 24 on the E/U version is an additional 1 minute and 19 second (@22050Hz) version of the BR theme (that fades out at the chorus), which throws the number scheme off for everything else. I can edit a copy of the Japanese theme down to 1:19, but I still don't know how to edit the ADX BGM.ACX container file to add it in so that the tracks line up correctly.

    If anyone would be able to aid me in unpacking and repacking the ADX (so I can add the extra song), I would be greatly appreciative, and would bestow great bacon upon them.

    Thank you for your time, and FLY HIIIIIIIIIIIGH!