Undubbing Growlanser II (PS2)

Discussion in 'Undubbing Discussion' started by moonblood, May 24, 2014.

  1. moonblood

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    I recently decided to undub some PS2 RPGs... My first choice is Growlanser II, but i am at a dead end even before i started. Actually i have no clue about how to do this, i just read somewhere to undub a PS2 game is as easy as to swap few sound files between the two versions of the game. So maybe a beginners tutorial would be nice.^^

    Well, anyway, in the root directory of the game i see few files an a folder called MODULES. I guess the main game data is stored in the file GS.CIG, which is 554 MB of size... But i actually don`t know how to open it or even "repack" it (considering the voice files are stored there). Can anyone who already attempted undubbing a PS2 game, can give me some hints or helpfull suggestions?
  2. guysensei

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    Can you post a full list of directories and files in the ISO? Do you have both the Japanese and the U.S. images?
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    I know this thread is dead for a while now but I've got basically the same question for a different game... I made a thread about it... Check it out.