Introducing myself and sharing my Facebook Page about UNDUB.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Teiji_Kun, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Teiji_Kun

    Teiji_Kun New Member

    Hey! What's up!! I'm another Undub gamer from Spain!!

    I'd like to participate here! :p

    By the way, me and a friend of mine created a Facebook page where we talk about Undub.

    Please check it out, give us Like and share with your friends!!

    Thanks ;)
  2. guysensei

    guysensei Administrator Staff Member

    It's great to have you here, welcome!
  3. Teiji_Kun

    Teiji_Kun New Member

    Thank you so much!! ^^
  4. Teiji_Kun

    Teiji_Kun New Member

    Thank you for your Like!! :D

    I also want to learn about it!! D:
  5. guysensei

    guysensei Administrator Staff Member

    Teiji_Kun, you can tell the Facebook fans that they can discuss undubbing issues on this forum. That way they have a place to ask questions.
  6. Teiji_Kun

    Teiji_Kun New Member

    Well, the thing is... We want to be listened by great people, you know, official companies workers and then, great videogame companies.

    If we mention "UNDUB", it means to HACK a game and also a console to play it. It's a good hacking and it's for a very obvious and fair reason, but we're still talking about Hacking, and that's "illegal", so they couldn't approve to us.

    I logged out here because I agree with Undubbing, but we can't mention it in our page, I hope you understand us...

    PD: Sorry for reply too late :(